When Jess gets a job at LaLaLea, the upscale yoga pants store and lifestyle brand, she feels like she’s finally found her way. But when sudden violence strikes a nearby store, Jess and her co-workers learn that even positive energy has a dark side. Clearing is a dark coming-of-age comedy about yoga, friendship, and the pressure women are under–and what happens when that pressure makes them snap.

Content Warning: Please note that this play contains discussions and moments that deal with bodies, food, as well as some light references to violence and self-harm. If you would like to know the specifics of this content before, please speak to one of our Artistic Staff and we would more than happy to discuss it with you. You can see them in person each night before the show or they can be reached at info@commissiontheatre.com.


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Performances run June 8th – 23rd at Rivendell Theatre.

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